Learn How-To Set Up Your Bluelink® Account Available on Your Hyundai Vehicle

November 23rd, 2022 by

Video: Setting Up Hyundai Bluelink® Account

The Bluelink® subscription that comes with new Hyundai vehicles provides several useful features. It allows you to get roadside and emergency assistance by pushing an emergency button. It enables you to manage your smart vehicle remotely via your smartphone. In-vehicle on-demand diagnostics of the vehicle are also available through the Bluelink® feature. The Bluelink® subscription also provides several other benefits like vehicle health management, maintenance timeline, and online booking of your vehicle’s maintenance service. Learn how to set up your Bluelink® account on Hyundai’s website by reading this blog post by Hyundai of St Augustine in St. Augustine, FL.

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Watch the How-To Video of Setting Up the Bluelink® Account

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