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Creating And Using Hyundai Digital Key

How To Create a Hyundai Digital Key?

Creating And Using Hyundai Digital Key 

Hyundai Digital Key is a smartphone-based solution that enables you to unlock and start your vehicle. That’s true, you can now start your Hyundai vehicle without having your key fob with you. So, how do you make a Hyundai Digital Key? Continue reading Coastal Hyundai’s blog to learn everything there is to know about creating and utilizing a Hyundai Digital Key. After reading this article, come see us at Hyundai of St. Augustine in St. Augustine, FL to see our new Hyundai inventory! 

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A Hyundai EV being charged in a public charging station with a car beside it

A Guide to Safely Charge Your Hyundai EV

How to Use the Charging Cable on Your Hyundai EV 

Electrifying performance features mated to the noiseless engine serve their purpose on the road through the pneumatical tires braced by stable wheel structures. Hyundai EVs have gradually become a household name, nestling in the top positions in its niche. When making it a part of your family and residence, make sure to have its charging necessities always met. Portable charging cables are included in the EV or the plug-in hybrid vehicle packages. Safe charging methods need to be adopted in order to avoid serious damage to the electrical system or the vehicle. Check out the video to learn how to use the charging cable on your Hyundai EV. You can now look at the deals available for the latest Hyundai EVs at Hyundai of St. Augustine. Also, find the nearest charging stations in St. Augustine, FL. 

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