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A Veterans Day Banner with stars on top and "Honoring All Who Served" on bottom

What Can I Do on Veterans Day in St. Augustine, FL?

At Hyundai of St. Augustine, we are proud to be American, and Veterans Day is a special day for every American and us. Veterans Day falls on November 11 every year and offers an excellent opportunity to honor those who have served and continue to serve our great nation. It’s also a day to teach our children about the sacrifices our soldiers make throughout the year for our safety. But if you’re wondering how to celebrate Veterans Day in St. Augustine, FL, here are some things you can do outside and at home.

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An old creepy mansion at night with dark sky and full moon in the background

Five Most Haunted Places You Can Visit This Halloween in St. Augustine, FL

If you’re thinking about how to spend Halloween in St. Augustine, then what better way than to visit some of the most haunted places in the nation’s oldest city? We at Hyundai of St. Augustine are proud to be located in this historical city with more than 450 years of history. Its ancient narrow streets, iconic Spanish fortress, and two historic cemeteries with graves dating back centuries are just the right kind of stuff that makes for a scary Halloween location. Jump aboard and let’s explore the five most haunted places you can visit this Halloween in St. Augustine, FL.

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